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Various fish species in aquaponics syste

Clean and Healthy Foods

Using strategies like aquaponics, we work with partners in the region to provide access to clean and healthy food.

Part of delivering our mission of fostering positive social and economic impact within disinvested or underinvested areas comes the discussion of fresh food production and its availability within those communities. It is important to match the solution to a need with options to achieve an immediate goal while continuing stable growth and wellness for a community to be self-sustaining and inspire other communities. By utilizing the farming practice of aquaponics and working with partners throughout the region, we are creating options for fresh produce production while simultaneously raising fish to provide sustainable, clean, and healthy food options in our local community of Dayton, Ohio. This form of farming utilizes less water and land than that of traditional agriculture practices and creates a more abundant crop that can be grown indoors.


Historic school on Salem Avenue planned for redevelopment

Dayton’s school board will approve the sale of 10 former school sites next Tuesday — nine vacant lots plus the historic Longfellow school at 245 Salem Avenue, which will become a redevelopment project.

The Longfellow property, some of which dates to 1880, is being purchased for $170,500 by G.F. Bailey... continue reading

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