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our pets!

Rescue Puppy

On New Years Day, 2021, Tim's canine companion of a dozen years, Lukas, died at home surrounded by the family that he loved and loved him.  He is sorely missed.  A new member has since joined the family, Clemmer, a puppy that brings a lot of energy to every day and a lot of love to his new family.


Tim Forbess



Mike Embree

Wally is the beloved pet of Mike and his husband John. He's the grumpiest pup, and seriously loved!



Allison Cox

Frankie is the funniest, weirdest, and perfectly spoiled fur-baby. She enjoys barking, drinking water, chasing toys, napping, and eating any morsel of feed dropped. Her favorite thing to do is announce visitors, even when nobody's come to visit! Frankie is a Cockapoo and charmingly bonkers!

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