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The G.F. Bailey Company is a community of talented professionals dedicated to Impact Investing opportunities locally and nationally. We work with investors seeking to identify opportunities for socially responsible change and advancement while also retaining capital. We focus on projects that promote affordable housing, neighborhood redevelopment & construction, environmental concerns, and clean and healthy food production & sustainability. G.F. Bailey was founded in 2017 by Timothy Forbess as an organization aimed at helping single mothers attain affordable housing. Inspired by the character, George Bailey from “A Wonderful Life”, G.F. Bailey has developed into a multidimensional Impact Investment firm.

President & Founder - Tim Forbess


A native of rural Tennessee, Tim Forbess has enjoyed a lifetime of work that has involved adventure, innovation, and entrepreneurial curiosity as a motivation to improve the lives of individuals and communities. Growing up watching his dad master complex printing presses to perfection and benefiting from a mother who has modeled servant leadership for decades, it was organic to take an interest in complex issues with an eye on the neighbor known and unknown.  

With a background in both journalism, psychology, and finance, Tim’s life work has involved being the youngest Vice President of a Theological School in the United States and Canada (United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH), building a charter school for non-reading urban children, building childcare for teen moms attending school, adding 6 cell phone towers to a church steeple to fund the parish, and for 5 years the CEO of a national foundation in Washington, DC researching non-pharma health care options for persons where pharma was not available, traveling to 31 countries during that tenure.  Budapest is a favorite.  

While attaining a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Memphis, a Master of Divinity from United Theological Seminary, and work done on a Ph.D. in impact investing at Antioch University, a constant theme continues to emerge.  It involves seeing the avenues to connect transformative issues to the resources to initiate them and sustain them.  It makes the topics of “impact investing” one of the most exciting fields to learn and engage.  It’s the capstone to a life’s work.

Tim & Co. are developing a new model of housing that is sensitive to climate change, environmental impact, energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, and attainable for persons who are working hard (or have retired from working hard!) and now desire an affordable, well constructed and attractive home. The models that are being built have roofs with a 50-year warranty, a steel structure with a 40-year warranty that is designed to withstand 150 mph wind, a safe room inside, built-in interesting and innovative envelopes. Currently, a lot of focus is on areas affected by tornado activity in the Miami Valley and in neighborhoods where investment makes sense for the community and profit for the investor.  

Tim is also working on an aqua farm project that brings eco-sensitive growth methods into controlled environments that eliminate chemical uses.  Using fish as the nutrient provider and controlled lighting, the healthiest foods desired can be raised in a fraction of the time as work in the fields. The first installation is on-line for the 3rd quarter of 2020.  It has been a two-year journey of learning, training, and educating.  

For fun, Tim reads a lot (curiosity breeds research) and when working on projects is prone to listen to classical music too loud to be ignored.  At the core of life is faith, love of God, and a lot of laughter.  When designing GFB, Tim decided to be in a working relationship among friends and to spend more time with Lukas and Frankie, canines by birth, and sojourners in a thousand ways.  Tim is often in Tennessee with parents and family and travels a bit to spend time with friends whose stories matter to him. 

On New Years Day, 2021, Tim's canine companion of a dozen years, Lukas, died at home surrounded by the family that he loved and loved him.  He is sorely missed.  A new member has since joined the family, Clemmer, a puppy that brings a lot of energy to every day and a lot of love to his new family.

Controller - Richard L. Burton


Rick has over 40 years of executive-level management experience in manufacturing planning and finance.  As a senior team member in multiple national organizations, Rick created and administered long-standing models of management/employee development programs. 

He is celebrated for his ability to apply group dynamics and helping his teams improve communications and problem-solving.  Rick is skilled at engaging and translating issues among members of multi-disciplinary groups.

He is uniquely gifted in the task areas of I-9 Compliance, Human Resource Consultation, Record Keeping, Federal / Multi-State Employment Law, and insurance requirements.

Vice President, Sales and Marketing - Michael Gaisford


Web Design - Allison Cox


Allison has lived in Dayton, OH since 2009, and is the Director of Development at Equitas Health's Dayton Office. Over the last 10 years she's dedicated her time to working within the nonprofit sector. Previously, you would have found her at Dare 2 Defy Productions (Development & Business Director), A Special Wish Foundation - Dayton (Development & Special Events Manager), The Human Race Theatre Company (assoc. director of development), The Dayton Visual Arts Center (office manager), and The Zoot Theatre Company (business manager). Prior to arriving in Dayton, Cox worked for Summit Adult Medicine Center, a large satellite office of Akron General Medical Center/The Cleveland Clinic, as their Finance Manager.

"I have a true philanthropic soul, and feel Dayton in my heart - so you will often find me volunteering for area nonprofits! In the past I've sat as a board member for: The Greater Dayton LGBT Center, The Dayton Gay Men's Chorus, and The Dayton View Historic District board. It's been a privilege to step in as the designer for the i3Home Designs website."

Michael grew up in the Northern Virginia area of Washington, D.C. and received his BA in Communications and Marketing from the University of Dayton in 2000. He worked with CBS Headquarters in Los Angeles, Verizon Sales in Indianapolis and Time Warner Cable’s Southwest Ohio regions in Dayton and Cincinnati, before graduating with his MBA from Bowling Green State University in 2014. 

Mr. Gaisford has developed his skills in every aspect of modern strategic business management, including sales, software and project management, business analysis and best practice needs for new, and continuing, client generation. 

Over the past decade Michael has grown in the Real Estate industry working in multiple sectors. He is a high-touch REALTOR ® known for his extensive market-knowledge in both Residential and Commercial properties. He earns the respect of his clients by working tirelessly on their behalf and always offering them candid advice. 

Michael is proud and honored to spearhead the growth and expansion team of G.F. Bailey, Inc. and its subsidiaries. He is excited to rebuild, restore and reenergize communities with renewable and sustainable resources, such as StormStrong ™, a product developed exclusively by G.F. Bailey, Inc. 

“This product helps to streamline and increase support for the overall “new home build” process, while still being attractive and customizable. I believe the energy efficiency and exceptional quality to be an industry leader. Follow us as we lead the pack to a “new”, new home building experience.” 

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